Did you miss the NDP debates?

Last Saturday afternoon at the candidates’ debate in Smithers, I shared with the crowd that I believe the climate crisis is the most important issue of our time. I was struck by how many people came up to me after the event to tell me they agree.

During the debate, one audience member asked a thought-provoking question: “It’s a year from now. An absolutely unforeseen issue has come up. The NDP is not the party in power. What personal attribute, that you have used successfully before, do you bring to the table that will make the party in power listen and implement the necessary change?”

You can hear my answer in this video, at the 129:20 mark.

You can also listen to the full, higher-quality audio of the debate here, thanks to CICK Community Radio

I told the audience about an experience I had attending the Ramona Wilson Memorial Walk in 2012, shortly after being elected Mayor of Smithers. I was moved by the resolve of Ramona’s family and wanted to find a way to help make our highway safer.

I convinced our town council to bring a resolution to the Union of BC Municipalities calling on the province to create safe, accessible public transit between communities along Highway 16 – a recommendation from the Highway of Tears Symposium. Our motion passed and was later highlighted by Wally Oppal in his report on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

I met again and again with B.C.'s minister of transportation over the years and, alongside MLA Jennifer Rice, urged him to take action. I took the story to the provincial and national media. In 2017, the provincial government – a BC Liberal government – finally committed to put buses on our highway.

As your MP, I’ll bring my tireless advocacy to the critical issues facing our region: climate change, economic development, food security, reconciliation, housing and more. I have the skills and the network to hit the ground running and make sure your voices are heard in Ottawa, regardless of which party holds power.

Nomination ballots were mailed out last week. You should be receiving yours in the mail shortly. If you have any questions or concerns about the voting process, please feel free to call me at 778-210-0647 or email me.

Taylor Bachrach