What I stand for



I stand for a vibrant Northwest BC economy that supports people and communities through meaningful livelihoods and long-term investment. I support economic diversification and maximizing value from the natural resources we extract. And I support a resilient, balanced economy in which the success of one sector does not come at the expense of others.

Experience: As a director of the Northern Development Initiative Trust, I have worked collaboratively with local governments to support grassroots economic development projects throughout the Northwest. For the past 15 years, I have owned and operated my own small business.




Our region is already feeling the effects of a changing climate. I support strong, timely climate action at the national level, consistent with what the scientific community has outlined as necessary for our children to inherit a viable future. I will work hard for a climate action framework that not only reduces emissions, but also addresses economic inequality and puts people to work in a new energy economy.

Experience: I chair the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council, sit on the BC government’s Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council, and am a Federation of Canadian Municipalities Climate Champion. I sit on the steering committee of the Charge North Electric Vehicle Charging Network. As mayor, I championed several renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.




Strengthening relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous communities is of paramount importance in Northwest BC and across Canada. A just future for all means both acknowledging our difficult past and working towards a future that respects indigenous rights and title. I support investment in protecting indigenous languages, ensuring indigenous students receive equitable funding, and implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Experience: I have worked hard to build my relationship with the Witsuwit’en. As mayor, I helped lead a project called Shared Histories, which researched and published the history of Witsuwit’en people within the Town of Smithers. I co-founded a social media project called Witsuwit’en Wednesday, which seeks to share indigenous language with the community.




I believe our success can be measured by how well the least fortunate among us are faring. I support health, education and housing as the building blocks of thriving communities and a thriving region. I will work with community organizations across the Northwest to ensure properly funded social services for those who are struggling. And I will advocate strongly for northwest communities to receive their fair share of resource revenues and federal/provincial grant programs.

Experience: As mayor, I championed a successful supportive housing project for residents experiencing homelessness. I also led municipal efforts to bring safe, accessible transit service linking communities along the Highway of Tears.




Our region deserves a strong, clear voice in Ottawa. Over my tenure in local government, I have built a track record of hard work on behalf of my constituents. I’ve achieved results by working collaboratively with diverse interests and across party lines. I have the experience and the network to hit the ground running as your Member of Parliament.

Experience: Three years as an elected municipal councillor in the Village of Telkwa and eight years as Mayor of Smithers. I am a recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and an alumnus of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.